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Cloud is the industry’s immediate need of the hour

Today, companies are having to cope up with the unprecedented speed and scale at which industries are redefining themselves. The implications of which are innovating faster, opportunities for new revenue streams, ability to use vast volumes of data scattered all over the net to generate more business in newer and unexplored avenues, revolutionized interactions with customers, partners and even one’s own staff. All these transitions are well connected internally and inevitable, so it needs a force to get all these moving and that force is the Cloud.

Our cloud wizards highlight how mastering five elements can help unleash greater flexibility, agility and unveil new growth opportunities. Take a sneak peek into the critical success factors behind each essential element:
  • Migrate and scale up

    Move your work to cloud quickly, securely and confidently by opting the right infrastructure that fits your scale up planning and budget.

  • Get the most from the Hyperscalers

    Our experts can make it look real simple to create value for your business with their expert guidance to innovate and invest.

  • Run and optimize

    As your cloud partners, we help you ramp up and optimize your organizational speed and agility by restructuring architectures, applications and data for cloud.

  • Modernize and accelerate

    Accelerating and maximizing long term value from moving to Cloud can be only realized with properly modernized applications, infrastructure and data architecture and you can count on our expertise for doing this tailor-made for you.

  • Innovate and grow

    Being on Cloud with us is not just a cheaper option for your IT business but also provides the potential for enabling you to reinvent your business and make everything that is needed to innovate visible to you effortlessly.

  • How we work

    We proved with every mission we have undertaken that we can deliver mission-critical, core business solutions in the Cloud effectively. To achieve this, we assess and understand your goals, we’ll work with you to design the right cloud solution for your business needs and deliver it in time.

  • Proven, industry-tailored cloud solutions

    We embark on the journey with you, leveraging the experience of cloud projects in almost every industry, to build well customized, predictable, fast and secure cloud solutions.

  • Unparalleled talent and experience

    Our certified cloud professionals, with their specialized state-of-the art skillsets and with the backing of our experts’ vast industry experience will definitely make you vouch for our unparalleled talent and experience demonstrated on the job.


Our DevOps practitioners believe that collaboration and communication are the core principles of the DevOps philosophy.

This practice unites the three departments – tech operations, development, and QA in perfect sync within a feedback-centric development loop. The result is quality, agility, security, speed, and a rich customer experience coupled with compound delivery across digital & enterprise applications.

Our perfect blend of DevOps consulting services and agile practices deliver the highest quality products and automate workflows through rapid and incremental iterations without losing sight of customer’s needs throughout. Our customized DevOps-Agile models efficiently handle risks, expedite deployment, jack up efficiency, and even help customer’s organization undergo cultural shift in the best interest of the very customers.

  • DevOps Consulting

    At Carnegie, Agile usage with DevOps is not just a methodology; it is a mind-set. To kick-start your transition to DevOps, our system architects will do a comprehensive analysis of your requirements and help you visualize the outcomes. We’ll take on the role of your DevOps consultants and guide you through this process with intelligent automation and collaborative teamwork.

  • Infrastructure as a Code

    To successfully implement a good DevOps strategy for your organisation, we know that using infrastructure as a code becomes crucial for sure. With faster deployments, higher ROIs, automated testing, frequent updates, and iterative data management resulted from IaC, our strategic approach uses best practices such as version control and continuous integration to create a masterful, programmable software

  • Continuous Integration and Delivery

    Our shared repositories allow the DevOps team to perform continuous integration and adhere to rapid delivery cycles. This is the most crucial phase in our development framework. API-driven automation tools prepare builds for further testing. This approach enables quick release of new features and saves time while ensuring that the process is more secure, updated, and profitable.

  • Cloud Infrastructure

    Whether it is migrating your existing system to the cloud or you wish to build new applications from scratch, our team has got you covered. Leveraging our extensive experience with AWS, GCP, and Azure we can make your native infrastructure scale to make it cloud-compatible, improve performance and reliability drastically. Then, setting up, configuring as well as managing IT infrastructure over cloud is of utmost importance and our team does this by carefully chartering the roadmap and setting up demand scaling.

  • Containerization

    Containers are abstractions of software like what virtual machines are for hardware. Containerized environments are lightweight, with each container including all the dependencies required for the software to operate. We help you implement containerization and increase business profit by a huge margin.

  • Monitoring and Alerting

    Once the cloud infrastructure has been set up, our 24/7 continuous monitoring services keep a watch on potential errors and report them in time. Our monitoring and alerting services safeguard customer experiences and enable errors to be quickly corrected preventing further propagation of the errors.

Our Process

To Carnegie, a big part of DevOps consulting and implementation is the synergic effect of the continuous involvement of relevant stakeholders. Our DevOps process will make you experience a good workload shift with reliable, high-quality software applications and services that also support automation:
  • Continuous Planning

    We continuously work with our clients to set specific, quantifiable goals at the beginning of the project for each project phase and then follow up with those goals as the development progresses. All relevant stakeholders will be involved at this stage for setting the goals and bring a meaningful impact to the discussion, define targets, and minimize redundancies.

  • Continuous Integration

    This is a pivotal phase of DevOps, where our developers continuously work with the operations personnel, iteration-by-iteration, to understand end-user needs. Our developers continuously merge their code changes in a shared repository, facilitating timely integration and automated testing.

  • Continuous Testing

    Timely execution of testing is key to the health of any software. We enforce a continuous-testing policy by way of automation marking the completion of the development part of the iteration. Newly committed code is passed through various testing phases to ensure quality is maintained uncompromisingly.

  • Continuous Deployment

    Continuous deployment is necessary to take full advantage of a well-designed agile system. We ensure continuous release of every significant, validated change to the users. These quick and continuous releases enhance the feedback loop, such that the product be developed to the customer’s satisfaction.

  • Continuous Monitoring and Feedback

    With the system now successfully deployed, we set up monitoring parameters that ensures continuous monitoring and provide quick feedback. This helps us track functionality in real-time environments and ascertain system reliability. Security checks are also automated to ensure continuous, timely and correct reporting.

Quality Engineering

Our Quality Engineering services are designed to help you deliver profitable and viable products with quality and agility with our value driven approach.

We provide an integrated approach to define and implement strategies that transform QA organizations and align them with business goals. With their years of experience, our quality engineering professionals added value to 50+ clients globally across QA, automation, continuous testing, DevOps and Agile practices.

  • QA Advisory and Consulting
    • QA Process Consulting

    • Test Centre of Excellence

    • Enterprise tools strategy

  • Quality Assurance Services
    • Agile Testing

    • Continuous Testing

    • Test Automation

  • Specialised Testing Services
    • Penetration Testing

    • Performance Testing

    • API Testing

  • Digital Assurance Services
    • RPA Testing

    • Mobile Testing

    • Data Centric Testing

Our Customised Approach

  • Consultation

    We meet you to get a better understanding of your business and challenges you are facing. This allows us to devise a perfect solution.

  • Proposal

    After the consultation, we get straight into wire framing your project and present you with our solution concept, project specs, roll-out and costs.

  • Pilot

    This is where the magic happens, our team of expert developers start turning what was proposed to you on paper into reality.

  • Engagement

    Once we have a working version, we get your employees to test-run the software in an attempt to find any operational hitches and iron them out.

  • Kick Off

    The final step is to implement the system into your business. We ensure that all your staff is 100% proficient and comfortable with the software.


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